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Dr. Ou's Psychotherapy Chapter 9

Coincidence and Premeditation

At seven o'clock in the morning, the ear-splitting alarm clock rang.

Yi Zhize opened his sleepy eyes and saw the snow-white ceiling.

His head was a little dizzy and it took him a while to recall what had happened last night.

He had been drunk.

And then what happened?

Couldn't remember.

Yi Zhize frowned, and when he turned his head, he saw Ou Tingyun sleeping beside him.

A thunderclap went through his head and he instantly sobered up, immediately lifting the blanket, but fortunately, his clothes were still on.

Inexplicably relieved, he patted Ou Tingyun's face, "Get up."

Ou Tingyun made a soft muffled sound, but there was no response at all.

Feeling that it was strange for the two of them to be lying together, Yi Zhize got out of bed, went into the bathroom and took a shower.

After washing up, Ou Tingyun was still sleeping soundly.

Yi Zhize helplessly called him again and said, "Dr. Ou, it's almost eight o'clock."

Ou Tingyun reluctantly opened his eyelids and said with a wake-up call, "I know!"

Yi Zhize approached and said with a laugh, "Are you a child?"

Ou Tingyun sat lazily on the bed, "That's right, so what?"

"I'll be out of here at eight thirty to go to work, so make yourself at home."

Ou Tingyun stared at Yi Zhize with his slender eyes and whispered, "Zhize, you're too insensitive. Last night you were so drunk that I carried you to bed through the pain of my wound. Now, you're leaving me to go to work by yourself?"

Yi Zhize instantly felt guilty: "The wound has split open again?"


"Sorry, I'll make breakfast now and take you to the hospital later."

Ou Tingyun laughed and said, "What about yourself? Mr. Yi? Aren't you going to be late for work?"

"It's fine."


"Well," Yi Zhize explained, “the law firm is a partnership, there are no strict hours, and I'm free to make my own arrangements."

Only then did Ou Tingyun get up from the bed and go into the bathroom to wash up.

Yi Zhize made breakfast and when they ate together, he noticed that Ou Tingyun was wearing his clothes.

Ou Tingyun spoke calmly, "I just grabbed these from the closet after I took a shower last night. It's a bit small, to be honest, but it's just enough to get by. I didn't bring a change of clothes either, so don't blame me for taking the initiative, okay, Zhize?"

"I won't."

"Let me borrow it first, then I'll wash it and return it to you."

"No need to return it."

"Zhize is a good cook, this omelette is delicious. Can you teach me sometime?"

"No time."

Ou Tingyun was persistent: "I've injured my hand, so I can't drive for a while, you have to drive me to and from work."

Yi Zhize finished his last sip of hot milk, "Okay."

After breakfast, Ou Tingyun was taken to the hospital before Yi Zhize went to work at the law firm.

An Rong, who had stayed up all night working on materials, greeted him with two dark circles under her eyes, "Good morning, Mr. Yi. I thought you weren't coming."

"How come?"

"You usually come to work on time at nine o’clock."

Yi Zhize looked at the time, nine forty-five: “There was a situation."

An Rong immediately showed an understanding smile: "I know, Mr. Yi is taking care of the person who acted bravely yesterday, Mr. Ou. Right?"


"How nice."

Yi Zhize: ......

When Ou Tingyun arrived at the office, You Shirui was sorting out her papers, "Good morning, Teacher Ou."

"Good morning."

You Shirui was an intern he was supervising and was currently studying for a postgraduate degree in psychology at A City Medical University.

Her eyes sharply spotted something wrong with the clothes Ou Tingyun was wearing: "Teacher Ou, your outfit today seems a bit tight?"

"Yes, it's a bit small. I didn't go home last night, so I borrowed someone else's."

"Oh." You Shirui couldn't resist her nosy heart and was deliberating how to ask.

To her surprise, Ou Tingyun took the initiative and said, "Guess whose it is?"

"Teacher, you have so many friends, how can I guess?"

"Yi Zhize."

"Mr. Yi!" You Shirui was excited, "You and him are already so close, Teacher?"

“En." Ou Tingyun said solemnly, "Building a stable and intimate relationship of trust with a patient is a must for a psychological counsellor."

You Shirui looked at him with admiration, "You're right, Teacher!"

She noticed Ou Tingyun's gauze-covered right hand and was surprised, "Teacher, what happened to your hand?"

Ou Tingyun smiled, "It's a necessary sacrifice to build a trusting relationship."

You Shirui: Why does something feel wrong?


At 5pm, Yi Zhize remembered that he had promised Ou Tingyun to take him to and from work, so he packed his belongings and prepared to leave the office.

An Rong was drinking a cup of coffee and doing some paperwork. When she saw Yi Zhize's intention to leave, she was surprised: "Mr. Yi, you've changed."

Yi Zhize was puzzled: "What's the matter?"

"You never used to leave work at the right time!"

Yi Zhize: ......

An Rong's eyes were shining: "Is it because of Mr. Ou again?"

Yi Zhize: ......

After picking up and dropping off Ou Tingyun, Yi Zhize was driving home when he suddenly received a phone call.

The person on the other end of the phone claimed to be a doctor from the emergency department of the A City Medical University Hospital. His grandfather Xie Decheng was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment due to a sudden heart attack and asked him to rush to the scene immediately.

Immediately, Yi Zhize became nervous.

After his mother's death, Xie Decheng had raised him.

Xie Decheng had been a lawyer all his life, and it was under his influence that Yi Zhize chose this profession.

Xie Decheng was the only family he had in A City and the elder he cherished the most.

Due to his advanced age, Xie Decheng had always had heart problems and it happened so suddenly this time that Yi Zhize was a little panicked.

When he arrived at the emergency department of the hospital, Xie Decheng was lying quietly on a hospital bed, his face peaceful.

Cold sweat broke out on Yi Zhize's palms as he asked in a soft voice, "Doctor, my grandfather..."

"You're Xie Decheng's relative?"


"He had a rather acute attack, but fortunately he has been resuscitated."

Yi Zhize was then relieved: "Thank you."

The doctor waved his hand, "You should thank this young man more, he brought him to the hospital."

Yi Zhize looked to one side and immediately froze in place.

He hadn't expected to see Mu Xin again in such a scene – the pianist who had spoken a few words to him.

Mu Xin smiled at him.

Yi Zhize had a lot of things he wanted to ask, but didn't know where to start.

"What a coincidence."


The two men's words rang out almost simultaneously.

Yi Zhize fell into silence again.

Mu Xin said, "Shall we go outside and talk?"


Carefully closing the door of the ward behind them, the two went to the window in the corridor.

Mu Xin explained, "Mr Xie and I live in the same neighbourhood. In the afternoon, I had just finished a music workshop, and on my way back, I happened to bump into Mr. Xie suddenly collapsing on the roadside, so I brought him to the hospital. Mr. Xie was more cautious and had his documents and your contact information with him, so the hospital was able to notify you in time."

Yi Zhize looked at him sincerely, "I really don't know how to thank you."

"It's alright, it's only natural." Mu Xin's voice sounded soothing and beautiful, "It seems that we are indeed rather fated."

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Translated: October 5, 2022