S.C.I Mystery Series Volume 2 Chapter 114

Extraordinary: Ten incredible events in the first anniversary of SCI (2)

One of the Ten incredible Events: The Secret Files of Father Bai and Father Zhan

Legend has it that the police station has a top-secret archive room which contains top-secret archives of elites from various periods. It is said that the two thickest files in it belong to Bai Yunwen, the captain of the criminal investigation team, and Zhan Qitian, the prosecutor who came forward to participate in investigations as a forensic pathologist. The information on those two individuals is very well hidden. It is said that after Bai Yunwen left, no one has been allowed to see those two top-secret files. However, the better protected some things are, the more they can arouse the curiosity of others. The two top-secret files have also become one of the top ten incredible events of the police station, and have become what Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang dream of wanting to take a look at.


It was sunny on a certain Sunday.

Zhan Zhao woke up in a daze, and found that the blanket next to him was empty. He reached out and touched the bed next to him; it was cold… Looking at the clock on the wall, it was only slightly after seven o’clock…

Zhan Zhao was a little puzzled, why did Xiao Bai get up so early on a Sunday?

In the past, if it was a Saturday or Sunday, Bai Yutang would quarrel with him in bed until he woke up and went crazy, then would go to make breakfast contentedly, or take advantage of his morning spirit…

Zhan Zhao felt a little awkward thinking about this, and he turned over to sleep again.


Ten minutes later, Zhan Zhao got up – unable to sleep.

Wearing his pajamas, he dragged on the pair of Garfield slippers that Bai Yutang had bought for him, and went out of the bedroom.

Opening the door, there was no smell of food; Zhan Zhao was even more puzzled. Bai Yutang woke up early in the morning and didn’t make breakfast, so what was he doing?

When he walked into the living room, there was still no one. Zhan Zhao thought for a while, and decided that the only possibility was the study. He rushed to the door to the study and opened it – there was still no one.

“Huh?” Zhan Zhao tilted his head and felt a little inexplicable. Where did Bai Yutang go?

Afterwards, Zhan Zhao searched up and down, in the refrigerator, in the cupboard, under the bed… but he didn’t see Bai Yutang. Of course, there was also no one in the washroom!

Zhan Zhao stood in the living room for a while, only to conclude that there was only one conclusion – Bai Yutang went out early in the morning without saying a word. As for what he went to do, no one knew.

Zhan Zhao thought for a while, then ran back to their room. He started rummaging around through the drawers, looking for his phone.

At that moment, the door clicked; it seemed that someone had opened the door and came in. Zhan Zhao ran out, shouting, “Xiao Bai!”

But when he arrived at the door, he was stunned. He saw that the person who came in was dressed fully in black, wearing a black hat, black sunglasses, and a black scarf.

Zhan Zhao was startled, and he picked up the spatula hanging on the kitchen wall next to him, “Who!”

The man looked up and sighed, “Cat, what are you doing with a spatula, cooking?”

Zhan Zhao realized that despite the fact that the man was wearing all black – it was Bai Yutang.

Bai Yutang took off his hat and sunglasses, “Up so early?”

Zhan Zhao ran over and asked, “Did you go out to become a thief early in the morning? Why are you wearing black?”

“Let me show you something good.” Bai Yutang took out two paper bags from his clothes.

Zhan Zhao took a look and saw that one bag read ‘Zhan Qitian’, and the other bag read ‘Bai Yunwen’.

“Ah!” Zhan Zhao was shocked. Looking at Bai Yutang, he asked, “What is this?”

“Haven’t our police department’s archives team been sorting out the old documents?” Bai Yutang said with a smile, “They saved the old paper files to the computer, and all of the handwritten documents were reprinted, so the original handwritten copies were returned to the original officer.”

“En.” Zhan Zhao nodded.

“Haven’t our dads been away these few days? My dad is out of town, and your dad is out of the country, so my mom asked me to get the files this morning.”

Zhan Zhao was surprised and delighted, “If you let your dad know that you looked at his files, he will surely beat you!”

Bai Yutang raised his eyebrows, “So I went after putting on a disguise! I’ll just have my mother tell him that someone came to get it back, and he won’t know!”

Zhan Zhao stretched his hand out and grabbed Zhan Qitian’s files. He rushed to their room, got into the bed, and started to open them.

Bai Yutang smiled and followed him. He took out the egg pancakes he had bought and handed one to Zhan Zhao, “I’m going to warm the milk for you, then we can read all of the wonderful things!”

“En.” Zhan Zhao nodded, then flipped through the files, and said, “I thought that my dad was just helping with the forensic work, I didn’t expect him to have participated in so many investigations.”

Not long after, Bai Yutang returned to the room with hot milk and handed it to Zhan Zhao. Zhan Zhao raised his face and said, “Xiao Bai, have you seen my dad’s shooting records from when he was young?”

Bai Yutang blinked and looked around. Zhan Zhao pointed to his record and said, “Sure enough, my bad marksmanship is inherited!”

“Ahem…” Bai Yutang stared at the row of 33333 rings and coughed.

“Wait, look here!” Zhan Zhao said excitedly, “Look, my dad has seduced a pervert!”

“Really?” Bai Yutang took off his shoes and went to the bed with interest. Crawling over to look, he said, “Oh, he did it twice, once for a male pervert and once for a female pervert!”

“Oh… it’s so exciting!” Zhan Zhao nibbled on the pancake with a surprised expression on his face.

Bai Yutang happily opened the bag containing Bai Yunwen’s files, and the first thing he took out was his resume and attached photos.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Bai Yutang chocked on a mouthful of milk and coughed desperately. Zhan Zhao looked over and laughed. When Bai Yunwen was young, he was so similar to Bai Jintang, it was as if they had been carved out of the same mold. He even had his hair parted in the middle… Zhan Zhao laughed out loud.

Bai Yutang took a deep breath and said, “Don’t let them know, otherwise we will be dead!”

“En.” Zhan Zhao nodded seriously.

“There are some photos here.” Zhan Zhao took out several photos from the stack of archives on Zhan Qitian, and he saw that they were photos of Zhan Qitian’s life.

“Wow…” Bai Yutang took the photos of Zhan Qitian when he was young, and said, “Cat, your dad really looked like you when he was young, not an ordinary beauty… No, he’s handsome!”

Zhan Zhao took the photos and looked at them, then wrinkled his nose, “Why are photos from his life here?”

The two turned the photos over and looked at them, and they saw that they were labeled with Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2…

“It seems to be a prop for catching a pervert.” Bai Yutang said.

“En…” Zhan Zhao nodded. Suddenly, from among the many documents, he puled out a photo of four people together and took a look…

“Huh? Xiao Bai, look here.” As he spoke, he handed the photo to Bai Yutang.

Bai Yutang took a look and saw four people, “Bao Zheng, Zhan Qitian, Bai Yunwen, and Zhao Jue…” The four took the photo by the beach. Everyone had a happy smile on their faces, looking young and limitless. They all had their hands stretched out and were waving at the camera… they looked like they were calling someone over.

“They were so young at that time.” Bai Yutang said with emotion.

“Guess…” Zhan Zhao asked suddenly, “Who is the one taking photos of them?”

Bai Yutang was stunned for a moment and looked at Zhan Zhao.

“Hmm…” Zhan Zhao said, touching his chin, “Very subtle!”

The two continued to flip through the documents.

“Cat!” Bai Yutang took out a document with a photo on it, and asked, “Do you recognize it?”

Zhan Zhao took a look and nodded, “It’s the photos and documents on Brother when he was a child… Why are Brother’s documents here?”

“Here is a file from Brother’s physical examination.” Bai Yutang said, “Look, the heart, lungs, and blood are logged with a lot of detail!”

“Why does it include everything, even the facial muscle weight and fat content?” Zhan Zhao felt a little inexplicable. He looked at it again, and frowned slightly, “Xiao Bai, look at the year!”

Bai Yutang leaned over and took a breath. The document was from 1987, when he and Zhan Zhao were three or four years old, that is, during the period when Bai Jintang was kidnapped and had disappeared.

“Xiao Bai, this is in English.” Zhan Zhao said, “These medical examinations were not done in China!”

Bai Yutang thought for a while, then took out his laptop and scanner, plugged it in, and scanned all of the documents.

“What are you doing?” Zhan Zhao asked.

Bai Yutang smiled slightly and said, “Saving it, we must find out what happened to Brother back then.”

Zhan Zhao thought for a while, then nodded, “En.”

“Cat, this is interesting.” Bai Yutang took out a form, “Look at what is written here, records of a making a mistake and compensation statistics.”

“Puff…” Zhan Zhao smiled and asked, “How come there is such a thing?”

“It’s for Bao Sir. Three police cars were damaged and destroyed.” Bai Yutang raised his eyebrows, “Bao Sir was too ruthless, how many police cars did the station have that year?”

“Your dad’s performance in various assessments is amazing!” Zhan Zhao said, “There is also a record of the cases he solved.”

“I noticed that the two of us solved much fewer cases than they did!” As Bai Yutang spoke, he picked up a file that was tucked at the bottom.

A small envelope fell out.

Bai Yutang opened the envelope and saw that several paper bank notes fell out… all of them were very old.

“There are words on it!” Zhan Zhao picked one up and took a look. Surprised, he said, “Xiao Bai, what do you think is written?”

“Help?” Bai Yutang turned over the bank note and looked at it, asking Zhan Zhao, “Whose note is this?”

Zhan Zhao shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Looking at another one, they saw that a map was drawn on it.

“It’s a map of the suburbs.” Zhan Zhao, who had memorized the entire S City map, recognized it at a glance.

“All the others are the same?” Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao. There were several bank notes in the envelope, all of which either had the map or the word help on it.

The more they looked, the more strange they felt. Bai Yutang picked up his car key and said, “Let’s go, Cat, it’s better to take action. Let’s go take a look!”

Zhan Zhao nodded, put his clothes on, and went out with Bai Yutang. They took the bank notes and drove to the place marked on the map.

Not long after, they arrived at the side of a small farm. Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao looked at the address and found that they were in the right place. They got out of the car and walked to the gate of the farm.

The gate was open, and in the distance, there was only a small house in the middle of the field.

The two looked at each other and walked towards the small house. When they reached the door, they saw that it looked like it had been abandoned for a long time.

Bai Yutang asked Zhan Zhao to stand behind him, then raised his hand and gently pushed the door open…

As soon as the door opened, they heard a loud noise. Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang were shocked; the room was full of people and tables of delicacies, and on the big table, there was a big birthday cake.

They saw Mother Bai, Mother Zhan, Bai Yunwen, Zhan Qitian, Gongsun, Bai Jintang, Zhao Zhen, Bai Chi, Da Ding, Xiao Ding, and all of the SCI members inside with champaign in their hands, saying, “You’re finally here, we’re making up for your birthday!”

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang sighed… they were speechless.

Zhan Zhao took a wine glass and walked over to get a piece of cake. When he was content, Zhan Qitian suddenly came over and whispered in his ear, “Everything in those two files cases is true.”

Zhan Zhao was taken aback and turned to look at Zhan Qitian.

Bai Yutang looked at Bao Yunwen blankly and saw his lips move slightly, “Take it as a birthday present for you and Xiao Zhan. Other things, you can check them yourself… It’s definitely more exciting and tragic than you think.”

 ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

Q Mouse Q Cat Small Theatre: Sickness

Setting: One day during summer vacation.

Xiao Bai Yutang woke up early in the morning, put on beautiful white clothes, and went out to knock on the door of Xiao Zhan Zhao next door.

Before he touched the door of his room, he saw Mother Zhan hurriedly opening the door and running out, almost colliding with Xiao Bai Yutang.

“Auntie?” Xiao Bai Yutang looked at Mother Zhan in a puzzled manner, why was she so anxious?

“Yutang!” Mother Zhan said, “Are you looking for Zhaozhao to play? Zhaozhao can’t play with you today.”

“Why?” Xiao Bai Yutang protested, “We said we would go out this morning, as he said that he wanted me to accompany him to buy books.”

“Zhaozhao is sick.” Mother Zhan squatted down and reached out to touch Xiao Bai Yutang’s head, “You go home first, Auntie has already called a doctor and she will be here soon. Auntie is going to buy some medicine.”

“Maomao is sick? I’m going to see him.” Xiao Bai Yutang’s eyes widened.

“No way.” Mother Zhan said, “What if you get infected?”

Xiao Bai Yutang slapped his chest, “I am not afraid!” As he said it, he pushed Mother Zhan out, “Auntie, go, don’t worry, I’ll just stay with Maomao!”

“En.” Mother Zhan turned around and ran away.

Xiao Bai Yutang entered Xiao Zhan Zhao’s room, closed the door, and ran inside.

When he ran in, he saw Xiao Zhan Zhao wrapped in a thick little blanket, holding a little fat white mouse, his favourite, lying there blushing.

“Maomao.” Xiao Bai Yutang leaned over and called out to Xiao Zhan Zhao.

Xiao Zhan Zhao slowly opened his eyes. He stared at Xiao Bai Yutang with big watery eyes, opened his mouth speechlessly, and coughed twice.

Xiao Bai Yutang flattened his mouth, looked at the cup on the table, and asked, “Maomao, are you thirsty?”

Xiao Zhan Zhao nodded pitifully. Xiao Bai Yutang took the cup, scooped some water with a small spoon, and carefully fed it to Xiao Zhan Zhao. After taking two sips, Xiao Zhan Zhao hugged the little fat white mouse and began to sleep sullenly.

Xiao Bai Yutang looked at him, then leaned over and said, “Maomao, I heard that you can cure a cold with a kiss.”

Xiao Zhan Zhao opened his eyes and looked at him. Xiao Bai Yutang grabbed his hand and leaned forward. With a ‘muah’, he gave Xiao Zhan Zhao’s fleshy cheeks a kiss and said, “After the kiss, it will be better tomorrow!”

Seeing Xiao Bai Yutang smile, Xiao Zhan Zhao smiled and spoke in hoarse voice, “En.”

After a while, Mother Zhan bought the medicine and returned with the doctor, who looked at Xiao Zhan Zhao.

Later, Xiao Bai Yutang crawled to Xiao Zhan Zhao’s side and slept with him.

After taking the medicine, Xiao Zhan Zhao was wrapped in the blanket, sweating. Xiao Bai Yutang was responsible for not letting him kick the blanket away!


The next day, Xiao Zhan Zhao recovered from his illness and could sit up and eat. Xiao Bai Yutang teased him, “Silly, Maomao is really useless!”


The third day.

Xiao Zhan Zhao lay next to Xiao Bai Yutang, who was sweating and running a fever, and was wrapped up in a blanket. He helped him press the blanket down and said, “You are stupid, white mouse.”

Xiao Bai Yutang spoke in a hoarse voice, “It’s not… Ah, achoo.”

“Oh.” Xiao Zhan Zhao sighed, leaned forward, and said, “Kissing seems to be really effective… I will kiss you too, tomorrow you will be fine!”


‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

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Translator Notes

I love that Zhan Zhao didn't recognize Bai Yutang because he wasn't wearing white 😂😂

Also, Xiao Zhan Zhao and Xiao Bai Yutang are too adorable ♥♥

Please feel free to comment any mistakes I made so I can improve and do better as I go through the book.

Translated: June 6/7, 2021


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